The Road to Mars Project is an interactive virtual world from the Starship launch site at Boca Chica, TX.

This playable world can be freely explored through different ways, such as walking in first person, piloting a drone, freely controlling a camera or exploring several cameras scattered around the place at strategic points.

In addition to exploring, it will be possible to do some simulations, such as fueling and launching rockets, testing fuel tanks, controlling mechanical arms and cranes, and visualizing what happens inside the tanks and vehicles during fueling with a special camera that fills through the objects!

It will also be possible to interact with the environment, you will be able to directly activate valves, engines, elevators, turn lights on and off, open doors and much more.

There is also a procedural simulation in the background, where workers are performing tasks walking around the environment, providing more realism and contributing to greater immersion.

It is also possible to change the weather conditions that affect the simulations, such as wind, gusts, rain, haze and day and night cycle, all in real time.

But most important of all, this project aims to involve more people and serve as a reference for future generations by documenting what is happening there. The idea is that this project can evolve as a simulated virtual world, allowing everyone to follow the entire journey of the humanity to the planet Mars, in a detailed 3D environment.

You'll be able to follow the evolution through an interactive and dynamic timeline, just use the timeline slider back and forth and watch vehicles and buildings come and go.

I will also provide seamless updates! You will not need to leave the environment to install new versions of the software just to receive new content. All the content will be automatically downloaded from our servers and appear in front of you as new objects as the environment evolves. You will feel like you are there, watching the site progress.

The virtual world supports virtual reality equipment! Enjoy this VR experience and be impressed by the size of rockets and buildings in a way that only virtual reality allows you to feel.

This project has also multi-language support. Currently with English and Portuguese.

Hopefully our journey will not end until man arrives on Mars, including the first settlements on the red planet and any intermediate missions to the Moon... everything will be created and simulated in our environment. In other words, it will be an endless work in progress!

I intend to always be listening and following the community's suggestions. I will also be open to learning from and and listening to criticism.

This project is the result of a work that I have been developing for almost two years.

I really appreciate your support. A big hug to everyone, I hope to see you in the virtual world!

Alexandre Roth André


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